Goodbye? Hello!

So, I'm liar. I kept saying I would return properly and it never happened and it won't happen again. By that I mean I am officially retiring The Style Whore. It was my first ever blog, I had a lot of fun with it and made some amazing connections but its chapter in my life is over and I've moved on to (hopefully) bigger and better things.

The Bitch in Black is my new adventure in blogging. I will also be retiring TatteredTights as The Bitch in Black plans to be more diverse as a whole. Although this new blog will still feature style, makeup and fashion as well as music, film and arts I also plan to discuss real-world events going on in the world and as I transgress to political journalism... I have a lot of opinions on those topics too.

I will still be keeping my tatteredtights tumblr active and you can still find me at the same address on twitter (@alixdaignault). I have no intentions of deleting this blog mostly for personal reasons and to have the record of it.

I really hope you'll come follow The Bitch in Black because I really think it's gonna be awesome.

It's been a slice,

-The Style Whore